Уроки Arduino. Ура! Я Сделал Сайт И Миниурок По 123D Circuits

  • 21-Mar-2022

Hello, it's, Arduino, fa, life, it's been a long time since my last video from I'm, wildly, sorry. But I had some other things to do. I was doing something else. So I couldn't make video tutorials in principle, while Liston was being led by an increasing number of subscribers. I see that you are interested in video tutorials to someone who is interested in the Arduino platform to whom it may be interesting just look knowing. But in general, there is some kind of demand and I decided to continue.

But before me. Remember the cases, well, in short, I laid out additional information for Arduino, that is, all sorts of sketch, court sense, all those circuits, I posted it on Google. Dox, well, It's not very convenient there, So I decided to make my own website in principle, so I filed the site and it's called Ben life.ru, in this case, in general, I didn't want to tell you about the site right? Now, namely, about some chips, which will be on. It, let's say, the lessons flashing, LEDs, I have not added all the lessons. Yet, quietly, I will add lessons. And now I don't have much time, that is, I'm walking all the things, well, I. Ll, add it quietly, So sorry, guys, slowly, but surely, that is, now module 1 to 3 will be connected to the site, I.

Don't, remember, the name in short, its special, and Colony, I'm, sorry to call 12 3d sprites, This is a special module, which was developed by Autodesk, which is in principle known as the company that created AutoCAD programs, This module allows you to emulate the work of Arduino, That is, there are some things there, that is, that you can put on a virtual breadboard, connect virtual Arduino to it. And how would these things work, let's say, in this case, I have a resistor and an LED connected, And here, unfortunately, the operation of the LED is not very visible, But that is, you have to zoom in to see that it is flickering, But now I will show you, that is, in this case, here, for emulating Inca art, This first Megan lesson with an LED is walled up for me, even I didn't. Have to include this sketch because n has already been written, well, its written there, a little differently than mine, But it doesn't matter if you turn on simulation, it will be noticeable that the LED is like the world of the site, that is, It turns a little redder, It turns gray just the same, Furthermore, it displays, the work of this lesson, well, its also noticeable that the LED on the Arduino. Furthermore, it blinks, which is connected to the thirteenth port, in principle, If you, if you listened to the first. Video lesson, then you don't have an Arduino, then you can see the work on the emulator, There are other schemes here, which can also be useful to someone so no, no, But like this, in principle, I, ask you not to comment and do nothing with my account, or rather, do not write me to my account 12 3d sprites, because no matter how I can not notice and not answer you, please write to me exactly us in the comments on the site or on YouTube on the site, it's even more like its better for me, Because here there is a new comment, They were immediately noticed on YouTube, I, don't, always receive a notification that there were some comments, I may not notice them, But if you don't have an Arduino, then you can register on 12 3d sprites and just create emulations, add elements and so on, that is, Unfortunately, there is one small problem when registering, So you press free, Some Autodesk code is needed, here, unfortunately, I, don't know what kind of code this is, apparently some kind of. Licensed program from of the disco is needed, how would I register like this , I, didn't, manage to register, But here there is registration, no, rather, This is the entrance yes, through Facebook, That means if you log in through Facebook, then you no longer require any codes from Autodesk, and you don't need anything else, Just it immediately enters and walks in the cold and everything was registered like that in this case, I created it for now that the first, as it were, The first lesson in this. Case, that is, and it seems to me, in principle, how such an image in such an image will be much more convenient than what I have done?

What I did rather in google documents, that is, unfortunately, here, the circuit diagram will no longer be, But in principle, it will just be seen here a little differently, But also in my opinion, its understandable, and, in principle, It can even be more understandable if I show small moments how to work with this emulator, so it's better to create something new. Now. I myself am not very good at it yet, but in principle before it. So it is loading. It is loading now it will appear. So I forgot to say that 123 is waiting. It is optimized for working in Google Chrome, therefore in others browsers.

It can be very buggy, so I, advise you to download Google Chrome. So in this case, we have a list of components, You can add another component, in principle, I, myself don't, really understand the process of creating video tutorials, I can understand this device more and I don't. Even have to buy more some components somewhere can be immediately emulated and everything can be created here, that is, You can twist the wires to connect here. You can deploy the Arduino as you like, move it back and forth, All this can also be put different elements. Let's say, we have a resistor if we are now, yes, if we just click on the resistor, we will have all the Kyiv parameters. Of course, this is an overdose to and designation, but I think it will be clear in principle, And we also have an. Led, I, really forgot what plus here, You can understand this plus by typing, that is, You can change the color of the LED, We also have these schemes.

And the only thing that they are somewhat clavicle finger and all additional tinsel, that is, well, which, when you restart your paid lesson, or whatever you call it, I, don't know, the project, everything is superfluous, here. It comes down to what apparently I once closed, that is, garbage appeared. And which is displayed in the same way, here there. Is a diagram as I understand it to create a shell lets for Arduino, any additional memory before the material that was used like this. So like this in pr, I m, waiting for everyone on my site, I'm sorry that there was just one continuous riot of sex. And there was no practically interesting information, But in principle, the main thing that should be fascinating from this monologue should be interesting to me here that I created the site 1tv.ru.

And in principle, continuing the video. Tutorials so guys to the wolves in principle, soon there will be more video lessons, maybe in a week, even the next one will appear all thanks to all bye.

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