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  • 10-Apr-2022

We are in Barcelona, my city, to inter new, a woman who has been a phone r in many aspects of her l, Fe. You will meet her. She is going to give us advice on how to take care of ourselves, and, above all, S, advice to never lose faith in oneself. As of today. I assure you that she is going to attract a lot of attention.

I will only give you one last piece of information. She is 94 years old. And she is more lucid than I. Am. They call me justice. And we are going to talk about health.

I. Am I going to tell. You what my knowledge has allowed me to do. Improve osteoarthritis. And in a certain way reach old age because I am 94 years old. Well in a certain way we are going to say it like that with a clear head, how nervous I am anxious that you give me those tips to improve our health to be more aware of our own health Annamaria 3 that we are who are aware of our health in certain ways they care more about beauty than health in some guidelines.

People who are watching will know their data do for their age.94 years old 34 years, old, I, continue formulating as a chemist, I continue studying above all expanding the things that interest me and the things that are around me, So to speak, new things did not enter in 75 years ago. It was very complicated for a woman, or there were very few women who will study in the university for example and above all about all scientific things. But generally perhaps from the north there was already if I studied the degree in Madrid.

But we were more from San Sebastian de. Logroo from Bilbao, a friend of mine from Termed, we were rather figures from the North that we studied scientific careers, I believe in one thing that I do for example at 50. And if we can already say 50 and at 50, and there is a very important change in his life.

If I am going to take magnesium and start to improve the osteoarthritis that they told me had no solution I wore a girdle with rods and from the age of 31 to 52. And when I had started eating well due to my diabetes and I started taking. Magnesium I started to get better I, got rid of osteoarthritis to the point that I was able to take off that corset that they told me was for life. I began to loosen up I began to have no pain I began to no longer creak because I tried to remember to kneel down it creaked. It stopped creaking and that's when I realized that eating the way I ate forced by my diabetes and taking the magnesium, the osteoarthritis improved, you separated having six children at a time when the woman separating was.

Already very complicated and not only that, But at that time, she decided to set up a herbalist and asking for money, yes. And then he creates the natural brand so that not everyone could have magnesium. And this has to reach everyone easily. Everyone has to be able to buy magnesium.

It has to be able to find, and I always say that the important thing is to know why you are going to take this, because you have to take magnesium 80% of the population in North America has a lack of magnesium ESO in the. Last years of 100, 90 why because I had been fertilizing with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for almost 80 years, which is not returning the magnesium in the soil. And now we can see the children. And now there are many children with problems. And with convulsions with issues that are called hyperactive children are children who do not pay attention.

It is not. They have no memory because magnesium is excessively significant in mental work. But decisively I said, I am going to interview Maria the.

Justice, they said, well, McNamara of justice has been very controversial inside as that. It has been crossed out that its products did not work. Because if there is biochemistry, yes, there are contrasting studies of the benefits of magnesium and the contraindications, the lack of magnesium in our health. Because the criticism is guided everyone to the coast. They can be stupid, or they are guided by someone or by a group of many people, there are many vested interests of many laboratories that it doesn't. Matter if complicated things are resolved with such a cheap thing, that is what Marta Height says, as you have done, well, following my line, following my line, having confidence, because a very famous doctor said that it was an undocumented and irresponsible plan. But of course, then with time I thought.

Na, Na time gives the reason to the one who has it and I spent a few years like in the dark. And then now everyone already knows that you have to take magnesium create that herbalist and hold. Conferences and decide publishing this balanced book makes it become a model in 1978. They gave at the beginning, 20-odd editions because they asked me for allowances. And if they have another 20-, odd editions until the square and fans were sold this book changed his life like that. Absolutely because starting with this book every year, they asked me for a new book by Lana maria all.

This begins. It is as if she had had two very different lives. She raises her children. Yes, They split up and.

Suddenly he decides to start a fight with the root of his own health and the knowledge related to nutrition and magnesium, well, in a certain way, yes, because, like me, He lived a very comfortable life due to the osteoarthritis. He had when I got better. I wanted everyone to know how to do it for everyone. Whether you are young, whether you are an adult, whether you are an old man like me, the same or something until the amount of protein that I need compared to what you need or a. Man who gave me 197, they require almost double what he wants. We have to take protein in the morning at noon and at dinner science and that and that.

And why is it because amino acids are only 5 hours in the blood I present this little song to you to the fullest, stay here with us for a bit, come stay still when they see Maria, what has become of what began in a herbalist in the 70s, as you see, it, man, I, don't, see it expected. But in reality, it has become what it has become, because of the people who. Have done it because in reality, I am the head, but those who have made all the arrangements for others who have managed everything then are the people who work in the laboratory in the company that, as he would like it to be, He remembered McNamara, well, with a person who tried to ensure that people have good health and be happy because life is hard, So we have to try to help them, that's.

Why he also does food if you like something, and it doesn't hurt you enjoy. The maria let's get into magnesium. Because there are people who may not be seeing it and don't know how to take it, the subject of magnesium has never been raised as that also depends on age. It depends on the symptoms. Many are loaded.

There are few symptoms let's talk about an adult first. And then ask me about the children they are valid for the adult. We consider that this adult from then on practically of adolescence, symptoms of lack of vision, contractures cramps. That are the ramps of the calf you can have in the world or the big. Toe on the eyelid that dances only a tingling around the mouth, you find it hard to swallow those spasms on the couch or spasms of any kind arrhythmias, tachycardia punctures in the primordial region. You are seeing.

And you dream that you fall, close your eyes and the visual flu lights up. You are reading. And the letters seem to be moving the person who tells you is that I give myself up I, wake up more tired that when I went to bed that person can already put your hand in the fire. He has a lack of. Magnesium for sure I occasionally have a cramp because he takes magnesium once a day.

Well, it can go down because I don't sell black salt. But watch out sometimes I have cramps. And if I wake up tired, twice a day, I have what you have said, I have punctures in the primordial region, I have tachycardia from our stories. I have AR rhythms. Three times a day like that, and I ensure good health it's. So easy. Man, no, don't, smoke, don't, drink and eat.

Well, I take magnesium and I make sure I have magnesium. But nothing else as he could make his way in a world of men McNamara I had no problem because in reality in Bilbao I was the head of the laboratory. And then when I was a farmer, I was my own boss and later, well, removed when I was a dietitian, I worked for a year and a bit as a dietitian, because I have always been my boss, that is, but he has had to convince many people who were mostly men and that perhaps at that time, a woman would come and well. And if they were not convinced, it would be worse. For them and even, but you are from Ana maria that there have been certainties in life that they have told you, no, and that I am also going to go to the other side.

There are big stories of these that are all always going to the same word, Yes, of course, if a person does not believe in chemistry, then what are you going to tell him now You can already say it or three that maybe it is the one that puts up the barrier so that you can achieve well, yes, But that barrier then I have had to be behind the. Barrier for a few years, but there comes a time when the barrier collapses not to give up. No, you shouldn't give up when you're sure you should never give up how you see youth, I, see youth, very concerned about food. But from a beauty point of view, the need for beauty and things has been exaggerated. Now you see poor things that with the dice to his fans when the wool speaks, yes, but I mean, how he sees and youth is already 94 years old, He has seen the evolution of this country and how we have gone. From a dictatorship or not, a war, a post-war, a dictatorship, a transition, a democracy, I believe that they study less than we do with their life experience.

What is it that few people can say that they reach that age with the lucidity that you have? That is what I want people to it reaches you because life has lengthened I always say, the important thing is to lengthen health with life. What advice can you give from your life and professional experience to anyone have a strong breakfast have. Protein for breakfast, try not to get angry with this father's people from my husband, but I didn't, get angry with my husband every weekend and let's, go Andes actually I separated, because he thought one way about some things and I another. And since the older children had gone to Barcelona. Well, I went to Barcelona. If there is a doctor who is listening to you, what are the chances we have of him getting angry with you or not agreeing with what I said??

And some who are naturally moved by the. Laboratories that manufacture all those things, but he is saying something he says, I am giving birth at height, the new one saying that the doctors are moved It's because of the one, if he says it I'm going to give birth at altitude that it's, the director of star magazine, magnesium I'm, not saying it I'm repeating it. He was born in Bilbao in 1924. This is the year 2019 he's, 94 years old. You've heard him. He really has given us some tips some advice.

She is a YouTuber also for me. It is a pleasure to. Have joined her, you can continue subscribing, please comment everything that you thought in the interview and see you with the one to one next and 1.

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