Celebrity Grillz | Grillz By Scotty Episode 4

  • 21-Mar-2022

I remember doing a grill from Curtis snow, rookie, Jacques wrist. Watch jazzy. Melanie Fiona, Estelle k. Michelle, David banner.

Lucky day trouble. Trout, Beckham funny. Marco top-notch Teresa, sleepy brown stoup from Travis porter, she'll, meet more big, guilt, COJO, goody, b.o.b, yo, jay Irving for Sean misa Hilton. We've been working man, seven days a week trapping on the street, let the kid help to call up and needing hit or dominate. Hey, we require a hot bird. Talk, .

Get about me, real bad feeding. They. Don't want smoke. We going to make a scene pan full of green lawn full of green pillow. The very first celebrity that I did a grill for was Trinidad. James.

When I first started, we were like going to go buy the gold every day, literally, we would take it back to our shop, and we would create the grills by ourselves. Then this was before I had like a staff and a team I was literally just in there just every day, just, you know what I'm saying, whipping it up on my own me and my homie at the time he was. Like his music, um, and they all go everything. And that whole movement was going and how somebody of his caliber just stamped.

What I was doing and give me an opportunity. It meant a lot, you know, and today we're getting a little ratchet. Oh, yeah, because for sure we're in the dirty south we're in a Decatur. So I had to take a winter dirty stuff, I'm like bruh, it's time for you to get a grill. So we're about to go hit up the home. Bottom, Scotty, ATL and let's.

Go get some grills man, grills by Scotty off. Cannon road, I remember the day key on stage and dough boy came to the ATL Keller roll on the east side to get that grill first, grill, um, my partner had hit me up about them and was like, hey, man, key on stage in town and dope one time they want to stop by your spot that was like my first time really like meeting. And even knowing about key on stage. I had seen dope boy before, you know what I'm saying for a while and now, but when they came to the shop man, they do like, hilarious. Let's go get you. Officials it's, really there we're grilling out. Yeah.

Now we can get you just started. Yeah, what's up. Man, what's up Atlanta. They don't respect me, if I got the grill today, okay, me and minor for the first time, not knowing like how funny they are. They aren't here, cracking jokes, you know, kind of rushing me trying to put pressure on me and stuff.

And they wanted same day service. They had a show later on that night. We worked on the grills all day.

You know, what I'm saying trying to get them, ready for them and. Then, um later on that evening, I was supposed to meet them to get them the grills. So the grills was done.

Boom. I rushed him to the show it was literally like he was about to go on stage like, literally when I gave him the grill. He put the grill. He put the grill in seeing if you know, if it fit, everything with cool looked in his iPhone made it make sure it was straight and went outside like right on stage like right? Then and started telling the crowd, you know about his grilling, um, smiling.

It's smiling. Put it on and everybody was laughing and everything, but uh, it was just dope man, the pressure to have it. And to actually get there on time right before he went on stage and put it in.

It was just like it was like magic. It was perfect. He was like bro, I'm going to give you a discount. What did I tell you it's like I want to discount me? I want to pay full price. Yeah, and I gave a tip.

Yeah, on top of that. You remember why I said it, he said, we got to keep the uh, the money circulating in the family because one. Day I might have it, uh, you know, vice versa.

And I might not have it right? Right? Right? So we got to pay when we have it. Yeah, you know what I'm saying. And I just think that that's important the most meaningful grill that I feel like I've done is definitely for, uh. David, Bannon, um, David Bannon supported me when I had no store when I was riding around, you know, pulling up on people doing their grill, and they in their driveway or at the studio, you know, I mean, even as I did get bigger and get a store.

And everything he still supported, and he still never asked for a discount, um, the last time I remember doing the grill for him. I remember him calling me. He was at Saks fifth and was like man, pull up. You know, like he was trying on suits getting ready for something he had going on. But it was just dope to see that you know, like man as black entrepreneurs, we're supporting each other.

And we in from what I know a white establishment, you know, I'm saying, doing like business, hood, business, if I must say. You know what I'm saying, but uh, shout out today. David being a man, that's my dog. He has been a mentor to me and, um, it's, just real dope to have your support. Yeah, he's.

The first person to do that, though I want to do something like that, the reason why I feel like celebrities feel comfortable coming to grills by Scotty is because I feel like in the realm of getting gold grills, um, we've kind of proven that we're reliable and professional. We have good customer service. You know, one of my one of my. Goals are as a gold grill shop.

I wanted to be like the grill company that people looked up to like a Chick-fil-A like it wasn't just like going like the old-school way you're going to grill shop you come back. And they came, you know, whatever like nah, this is like on point. It's on target. We tell you a certain time frame. We get back to you.

Furthermore, we call you if there are any questions or any problems like. And I feel like people can see that when they're looking at what I'm posting or the type of grills. We're doing like, not only are the grills creative, but the customer service is great. And I feel like it makes people feel. I fell in love with a freak prince. She fell in love with the g. Man. So let me protect I'm on that drink.

You could never be me. You could never be made you could, you can never be made.

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