Chicken And Turkey - What Effect Do They Have On Your Health?

  • 21-Mar-2022

What about chicken chickens? Poultry my next book, I'm, starting December 1st is going to expose the entire poultry industry again, there's, no, such thing as free-range, poultry that's, complete fraud we're going to expose that we're also going to show you that the brilliant work of Java through Virginia Livingstone of 62 years before her demise exposed that it was as far as meats go. The number one cause for all forms of cancer. You may want to look into Livingston's work. So you know, the life of a. Chicken could be many years, the ethical part of just taking a life of an animal where they were supposed to be here on earth for many years, it's, just enough not treated. But there is nothing.

We need from the animal sources. There is nothing that we cannot get from the plant source, I agree with that statement, however, and I would differentiate organic chicken from free-range chicken. We don't recommend free-range anything, but I think we all want the same thing, which is for the planet to. Last for a good long time and for people to eat a better diet, we have got to get people to do it.

And when we go out with extreme messages that leave most people behind, we are not going to win people over to our cause. And so I, just for the record I eat a vegan diet. I, don't, eat chicken. I don't, eat eggs. But if I want people to do better, we have to we have to talk to people first based on science, again, I'll come back to those rural Chinese eating some chicken eggs, didn't know that they were. Supposed to get sick, they just eat tiny amounts of it and that's. The common denominator among populations around the world who still eat animal food, whatever they're eating whether it's fish or chicken or turkey or cow, or whatever it's a tiny, tiny amount generally it doesn't include dairy.

So it's, difficult to scientifically defend a vegan diet for all, including the inclusion of chicken. And I think we leave people behind when we insist that that's, the only way to do it I see animal products very. Similarly, and the chicken is not much different nutritionally speaking as other red needs and other meats, because they are still high in saturated fat, still high and cholesterol still high in hormones and antibiotics. And all those things that we know, promote disease, it's also completely absent to phytochemicals and fiber, which are the two most health promoting nutrients that we could find only in plants. So I recommend people eat as close to a completely plant-based diet as possible ethically. Speaking there's, absolutely no reason to eat chickens.

Absolutely we can get all of that the good stuff that you could find if the whatever the saving value of why people recommend chicken over meat. You can still get all of that stuff with perfectly packaged in plants. All right, I, can't, stand chicken, and I'll, tell you why because I like the little chickens are nice, but we've had a drop in our red meat consumption.

But we've had a huge rise in chicken consumption in Asia, seeing an absolute enormous. Rise in chicken and chicken is thought of as a health food, but I showed you in the data today that in the epic panacea study in Europe chicken was the number one food associated with weight gain over time. And my patients eat it, because they think that it's supposed to make them lose weight. And yet they're gaining weight from if it's, a very strong correlation with lymphoma, very strong, correlation with lymphoma and I think that chicken gets a break when we go after red meat and processed meat, but. We seem to leave chicken alone though chicken is loaded with bacteria, loaded with endotoxins loaded. It will rise your igf-1, etc., etc., etc. So, I'm, very anti chicken, though, I do agree with Pam that when you go to extreme.

So with my patients, I'm, not don't, tell them to eat a vegan diet, but I'm, not going to give chicken a break what about Turkey and checking the same. The turkeys actually worse. Okay, Turkey's actually worse.

They have to artificially inseminate turkeys. Now they are no longer the. Normal bodies, they were maybe a couple of generations ago. So the hormonal distortion and that.

And the mutagenic effect is even higher than chicken.

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