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  • 21-Mar-2022

I'm getting married at hotel de glass in Quebec City. The whole place is made of ice I'm going to need a long sleeved dress, possibly a fur coat to stay warm. It's. Nice. I really need to find a dress and there's. No time.

I just have 54 days to find one in a couple of hours I have to be leaving Clive with a dress in my hands and work together where android I'm going to get married when we come Castilla day, the credit outside we want to be hot with the dress quick because I got married in 54 days, All winter in a wonderful ice castle, but finding her a dress in less than two months makes me sweat. We have to talk about respect, first, I, always say, you just require one good one. My fianc's name is Antonio.

Well, he's my better half. If we met on a website, I had had a lot of bad dates. And I was ready to give up when I found my perfect partner, It's hard to find. He is an Italian man who likes to go for walks and travel. And we have a lot in common android. We visit likes arena every year, and he has a. Little ice castle where we have incredible memories together, we found an ice castle in Quebec.

And he is the only one who there is in North America, simple, four days for the wedding. If you require a dress today, yes, that's fine very good. I, love challenges. She's willing to do anything very well, make yourself comfortable don't know more about that ice castle when it's going to be cold in that ice castle. It will be minus 32 degrees. Wow.

So everyone will need to dress for winter. The glass hotel ice chapel. Is made with artificial ice bricks. They are very large and handmade. I will need a long sleeved dress, possibly a fur coat to stay warm. The theme is arctic winter.

There will be very soft snow attached to the walls Sandro. I grew up in cold places with very harsh winters. We wanted to ago r a unique winter wedding and enjoying some outdoor sports at the same time you have in mind for your wedding dress. I definitely want something with sleeves.

I like lace. Furthermore, I like vintage style, ok, how much money? Can you?

Spend on this dress, I would say 4500 is my budget I think we are going to see dresses that you can wear today. Remember, you will probably have to bring things that do not have sleeves per se. We can already add it that is.

Ok. Do you remember enough time to make the layout win? A dress, not spoken to make some simple sleeves. It's possible. It's. True I'll be thinking about it, I like it. A lot I agree, very well, I'll, look for you. Well, I'm, not sure if it's more difficult for him to get married in 54.

Days or to get married in an ice castle without a doubt I think that getting the dress on time is the biggest problem for me when she gets married, the dresses don't change, I need her to wear something because she wants to be naked it's, not an option. Clearly, what are you doing when you call me issue? This is all this is to think okay, but, but you have 54 days, and if it has to be in stock, and you like it, you want sleeves, you got married in an ice castle in Quebec, or you even have to be comfortable. She's going to be in a because she doesn't teach her they're sleeveless, and she buys a life that's fabulous that her fianc alleges 3, and obviously I'm here. This is a new one and his bad is new. It seems fine to me, it's, fine after I saw this one side comes out, hey, you know, you won't know until you put it on so, ok, you're ready for Paris del camp for Amanda, she's, getting married in less than two months in an ice castle in Canada. She has to leave today in a dress, and she carries a lot of options.

I hope. A function. Well, I'm very excited. This one here, says, it doesn't have sleeves, but like I said, maybe we can put sleeves on it later.

You remember now I think it's, too, big, it's, too big. If it were a little smaller higher, it would fit a weird part of your body you like to do it if it's sleeveless and mesh. And you hate my arms. Ok, let's. Try this lace sleeved one.

It's line, it's a little tighter, but the shape is beautiful, because it has a small waist. If you don't, it's here, it's, fine, if you like it, you. Like the spaciousness, it seems spacious to you. It is, it is quite affection. It took exactly what I wanted.

And it just doesn't suit me, I, don't feel like a girlfriend I'll be back in a minute. I'll bring her the director because I want her help with this where stratum Rossi I don't understand why it takes so long, I hope. She finds I hope, she's, fine because she's taking a long time, I hope, she's, fine in a stressful place.

Here, the students you bring them that way you don't want outings I know what find. Something soon and I hope it's worth the Oscar it's been crazy, and it's taking a while I know, my daughter is very insecure about dresses and I know, we don't have much time, so she's free half of what she can buy for sure she has tried several to go out I want to go see what is happening? I. Am very worried about her, I am going to try it. This is more or less. Good the view. No.

Thanks. If this is a challenge, it is certainly a challenge and I found something that I think he will like something. With this idea it takes him to barbarian I have not taken anything like that for obviously in the ice castle and selection in the princess, of course, and that in eight more months, but it looks like the perfect idea to see that I have to look like that is very nice. It stays for an ice castle. It will look like frozen, of course, mom I love her participation.

But we have to focus on getting her a dress today. I met your mother. She is adorable.

The idea told me how frozen I told her I understand more me. Want you to know so that they can see what they are waiting for I want to find you something, even if you don't like it, you have to give them a runway, don't create a sleeveless rope, but with a hole in the arm. Of course, we can make a sleeve of having ideal holes.

We are fine very well. I think we can loosen up a little that's all I don't like them. I, don't love. The dress, the truth is I, don't have a plan b, I'm 54 days away from my wedding and without Clint I can't find anything I don't know where. Could I get a dress, the value is nice? But what you don't like about it, you're making a face a little tight at this point, I want to be able to wear a dress that fits. So I can get out of the fitting room and show my mom, why even Now I haven't even wanted to go out, that is to say, if they have to focus on it, I'm seriously, nervous, be calm, don't, cry, don't, cry, It goes against it, If I don't, I, can't, today, you're fine, He'll find you a dress, calm down, he'll, find it, calm down, it's.

The. First dress that suits, him. I show, my family I haven't left, the supplier I'm sure my family is wondering what you are I'm surprised. My mother didn't go to knock on the door of the proven drawer.

Hey, I think here she comes nice. Amazing. Oh, my god, she looked gorgeous shiny. She shone the shaft styler or out of my comfort zone. But the dress is so cute.

And of course, I'll give up to see this beautiful face what a pleasant procedure. This was found for us. Beautiful. We felt something if I want you to meet her. I don't, even think you have to put sleeves on her to be honest.

The truth is it's, not a jacket they show the leave me for something I can bring them something from the chat area with all of them. They told me how much they like the dress, and it reinforces what I'm already thinking about the dress, something like that with high tops or yes, I'm thinking of wearing a jacket on the ice, a poncho. Yes, of course, for the reception of the dress.

The truth is I feel very comfortable, and they could add an. Illusion sleeve, keep it up I want it? I don't want to see it with a veil. This. I want you to have in mind the sensation of ice if something frozen and very beautiful, if we will make you a bride right in front of our eyes is beautiful that all the INAMI us glass, and then, but the death of William water. What madness with the one with the hair I was very worried that time that it would not be to find anything later first and on the hook, I knew that I cannot ask you a question, if the castle as a. Beautiful girl, you say, yes to this dress, yes, I love living.

It's amazing its, beautiful, I think Andrew loves this dress. It highlights the parts of my body that Andrew loves and I feel like a bride for the first time, I'm, very happy, I'm in Quebec, and I'm, getting married today in the ice chapel with Andrew. Today, we should be minus 17 degrees I'm worried about being cold, because I'm not really going to have my arms covered. I added sleeves to my dress, and they look lovely.

But basically under the. Dress, I only have nylon and I hope. My legs don't freeze and the cold air outside is perfect. So you don't lose your decided make-up, I, don't know, I don't worry about sweating in the summer, I hope, m, keep warm and not slip on the ice, but I'm really excited to see android have this big wedding, and I'll. Take a picture. .

Honestly, my mind is very scattered right now because of everything that's going on I'm, getting ready, and I'm going out very soon to see my beautiful girlfriend for the. First time Amanda is the love of my life. Seriously, I am very happy to marry her Seinfeld. She did an excellent job with my sleeves. It seems that they were part of the dress from the beginning. I feel very, very beautiful.

They added rhinestones. And it seems that it was part of my dress, not that they added something funny to it, I still love. The dress, I love, how it highlights my waist. And the style is beautiful. The stylist found this beautiful skin for me. Thank you. I did not expect to feel.

So. Beautiful and I do not usually be the most confident person, but I feel beautiful now how so let's see, but please have a seat hold hands. And I asked Andrew to rep ITAs. These vows after me, I Andes, promise to help you to send I promise to help you to send always hug you with the tenderness that love demands I to send I promise to help you to speak. When words are necessary and to share the silence when they are not I promise to love. You every day forever, eternally by the authority that the.

State of Quebec grants you now I pronounce you husband and wife, you can kiss the bride greetings to the people. The ceremony was beautiful. The chapel is beautiful, I'm, hotter than I. What was I waiting for ladies and gentlemen, it's an immense honor to introduce you to Mr and Mrs fair. Amanda, you look fantastic in your dress. When I first saw it, it was even more beautiful than you. Can imagine I think everything was it was perfect.

I couldn't be happier.

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