Epideictic Speech Comm 1110 Ansley B Henry

  • 21-Mar-2022

Hawaii's class of 2012., first, let me just congratulate on all that you have already accomplished the academic success. You have already achieved has given you the tools to achieve success in whatever career you choose to pursue don't be afraid to pay yourself on the back for the hard work. You have put in. But let me warn you that the hard work doesn't end here. This is only the beginning of the journey.

And the time you have spent studying to get your degree will tell the comparison to the time. And energy, you must exert to bring this great nation back to the forefront that's, right? It falls on you to rebuild what the laziness of others has caused, because of the short slightness of others. You won't have the opportunity to take shortcuts because of the moral and ethical shortcomings of your possessors and the business world. You must hold yourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. It isn't fair. It isn't, right.

And it isn't certainly unfortunate that you must shoulder. The burden. But this generation will be the one to dig this nation out of a hole or bury it deeper, regardless of your political views, and regardless of the acts of our government.

The only surf our way that the economy will improve is through the hard work and ethical conduct of its business leaders. And you are the next generation of business leaders. So carry this burden as a badge of pride, be thankful for the opportunity to play a role as a savior. And for inspiration, remember, the greatest generation who by. Shareable and great brought this nation of a depression that far exceeds our current economic situation and most horrific war in the history of the world looked to their positivity as they smiled and carried on through pitfall and pitfall failure. After failure, looked to the sense of ethics of Henry Ford, who built with American soil with American workers and sacrificed profits in order to pursue his dream of putting a vehicle in every American driveway and creating as many jobs as possible.

It is. A very high standard to live up to, but the generations that come after you will thank you, and you will be able to sleep. Sadly, every night knowing that you are doing your best and doing the right thing so, go forth and change the system, bring your own sense of hard work and ethics into your encounter.

Thank you.

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