First Flight Of Birds ! How Doves Fly First Time !!

  • 21-Mar-2022

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Du Boys it's been the pilot eggs or butter, I will guarantee you I'll? Do your second Lord, Rama, Rama, yo, they will go, but forgive Asia, the heavens on our egg, dude in Ventura in your will not light tire whether hand each other. Yeah. Now. Now there is the mum dog is waiting to give the food for them. If. You can see now they're trying to phosphide see you see that trying how to fly not only practice flying I, don't know, how India fly maybe tomorrow or after tomorrow they will fly.

They are ready for fly the Walton how the wedding, and they're thinking how to fly. You can see you can see you can see the mum parent is waiting, or possibly he is teaching to fly them about 20 days old. Dogs are waiting for their first flight. Sadhu guru, paneer, waiting, Abbasid era, RNA, IRA, Casanova, ambassador or. Midi channel a Rash ceremony, RNA Segundo, Lightning, waiting an opposite answer.

Yeah, possible I'd. First like removal, in order go to file open the stuff like pile of fried dough put in the finite what's. The weight on movie, would you not have a pile of fly to you as a photographer guru? And this is the first product of these two dogs. And there is the mom parent also is teaching how to fly. There are three dogs, one more parent and two kids.

They are trying to fly. You can see they're trained and. They're teaching how to fly. This is the first flight today is the past polite. So I am very happy to see the possibility of these bars. This is the first layer of these dogs, the first day of their flight they're flying today. This is the post first falling.

You can see these are about 20 20 days old dogs in order in a bee. Sting go got a bee. Sting go focus on a pile of polite pie. Long run. Are you sick? - I adore netiquette, Casey de SU, Casey Union when addressing this Deccan, y, no Puerto dear, the mom. Parents also their mom, parent teaching them how to fly is is.

You can see the first flight of this small drops. These are small keys about 20 days were kids. You can see the small drops trained and practicing how to fly. There are three doors. You could open channel. The Padre I borrowed my secure as a pilot, I have no Kama, forget of physical I saw a picture ever taken Alaska. I did no.

Mo Alta. Boy, Dish. The mom parent is waiting there.

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