Grammarly Vs Prowritingaid: Best Grammar Checking App 2020

  • 21-Mar-2022

Are you looking for the best grammar checking app in 2020? Have you heard of Grammarly? Have you heard of Pro writing aid, you're, wondering which one's going to be worth it? Well today is video we're going to be talking about grammar, early vs., Pro, writing aid, which is the best grammar checking app in 2020.

Stay tuned. Is Dale Roberts. The best-selling author as well as a self-publishing advocate who wants to show you how to publish books that sell old disclosure before we get any further into the video.

I'm going to be referring you over to some affiliate links that means I will make a small profit for any sale of each of the licenses for Grammarly or pro writing aid. It doesn't affect your cost and does greatly help out in supporting this channel. So now that we've got that out the way let's talk about Grammarly, vs. pro writing aid, let's, take a look at Grammarly first and its cost and features. Now there is a free model, which comes with the basics. So you're just going to get the standard.

Grammar and spelling and punctuation checker it's, not going to be anything too fancy, probably the same thing you're going to get through say, Microsoft, Word or Google Docs. They also provide site support. And also you have the Microsoft Word add-on so meaning that you actually can add on an additional Grammarly support inside there. So not only would you get Microsoft words, spelling and grammar checker. But you also have Grammarly to work with now there's also the premium model. This is my preferred.

Avenue the one I've used for a few years now, and it runs about 1166 per month, you pay it annually. So it comes at about one hundred and thirty-nine dollars and ninety-two cents annually, and you're probably going. Okay, you get all the free stuff. And you also get full site access and all the features and all the features, just you can go and put what type of document you're going to use what type of voice. You want it's, a real in-depth analysis of the type of document you want to produce now. Their. Other model is the business model and that's.

If for some reason you want to have the premium access for a team. So if you're having like say, three people or more. So if you've got like say, a business that you're wanting to share grammar with buddy, then this is the option you want to shoot for. And it runs about 1250 annually, which is about $150 total for one whole year. Now, to summarize pro writing aid, all right now their cost and features are pretty much the same, but you're going to discover they. Come at a bit of a cheaper cost than what it does for Grandma Lee, but don't just automatically assume pro writing aids, going to win the battle on this one just from being cheaper.

Now, the free option has a summary report of key issues, 19 writing reports. And at 500 words at a time. Now notice there's a little of sealing here. We can't put too many words in there before they're like now you're going to have to upgrade, and you can only use it online. So in other words, you will be able to use anything. That's going to be desktop or any kind of plug-in for any type of apps now for the premium version you're, paying $79 annually.

So you compare that to Grammarly that you're doing about one-hundred and forty dollars annually and pro writing aid is only $79. And so you get everything that's in the free version, but there's, no word limit. You get a desktop version and integrations with Microsoft Word, Google, Docs, chrome, Scrivener and so freaking much more I. Honestly, just it would probably take another 30.

Minutes for me to tell you all the stuff there's, also something that's called premium Plus now, you're maybe scratching your head going on. Possibly this is the business option. No no it's.

Not the business option premium plus is $89. So $10 more you get everything I mentioned before from premium. But they also give you 50 plagiarism checks per year. 50 plagiarism checks. Mind you get plagiarism checks, unlimited when you go with Grammarly something to think about so let's, go ahead and let's discuss. The.

Pros and cons of Grammarly versus pro writing aid, starting out with the pros Grammarly and pro writing aid, have a free model that's more than sufficient. If you just need checks on grammatical errors and typos, then either one of these are going to be more than sufficient I'm going to give the leg up to Graham Lee and here's. Why it has fewer limits on the numb of words you can check, whereas pro writing aid. They stop you at 500 words, the next pro of Grammarly in pro writing aid. Of course, is going to be.

Every imaginable program and device supported. So this is kind of cool that you can just use about any one of them, but I'm going to have to though pro writing aid has a lot of coverage on just about everything imaginable told you can do an entire video on it. Firmly has a leg up. They actually have an app for your phone that you can use I use the app and was barely underwhelmed, but I know, a few viewers and followers of this channel shared with me that they've really liked the app and found it. Very useful so Grammarly is going to get the leg up on this one. The next pro of Grammarly and pro writing aids is the different styles and reports.

Now I'm going to have to get more of a leg up to pro writing aid, though you can get a ton of reports and get it to where it is edits in a certain fashion and Grammarly it's way more granular over on pro writing aid. And in fact, I've even heard some fiction authors swear by Pro, writing aid, vs. Grammarly. So if you're a fiction author, then chances are very. Likely Pro writing it's going to be a good fit for you. Now comes the cons of Grammarly and pro writing aid, let's get the first one out the rip here it is. The free version is just simply a tease.

Okay, you get teased with fixing a few Ana. You estates and some typos. But when it comes to actually syntax and any kind of heavy, you know, editing you're going to have to pony up the expenses, so it's, just not enough to really like to get it to where you know, oh, wow. Free. This is awesome. It's, it's, free.

You get what. You pay for, and I'm going to tell you that there's really no leg up on this. One there's, there's, no real winner to me. I think Graham Lee does give you a little more editing for free. But I mean, free is free the next con if Grammarly and pro writing aid is the site integration now, I'm just going to have to say this that some sites both of them have extensions on your browser that will work for like say, YouTube or Facebook or Twitter or so on and so forth. And some tend to be a bit wonky, but I'm gonna. Have to actually say for the cons pro writing aid, kind of gets a little more of the leg down if you will on this one, because it was extra wonky.

Now, this has been about a year ago that I used it last on some sites. And when I was typing out, and it would give me some recommendations to fix, and I would say, okay, I'd do that. And then all of a sudden it would just copy and paste something else into it. And it would just be a jumbled mess. I did not like any of the extension plugin for pro. Writing a4, so for that reason, that's a con for them and the last cons going to come down to both Grammarly and pro writing aid and the features, if you're the type of person that gets overwhelmed that the number of features, try to go through each one of them for Grammarly, compared to pro writing aid. And you might get overwhelmed by pro writing aid.

Whereas with Grammarly, they kind of just show you a good overhead view. And they don't show you all the exact reports that you can pull from it. And so I. Think for that reason, they get the leg up on this one. So the cons are going to go more in favor of pro writing aid because it's just it's a little overwhelming, but here's. The thing is, you don't have to use all the features really, honestly and I, even had a viewer like call man.

You don't have to use all the features just use the ones you need and leave the rest of it alone. But before I decide to pick a winner I'm going to do something different here. Instead of me being this influence you're, telling you. Who is the winner of Grammarly versus pro writing, a'm going to have you decide down inside the comments, which of these apps is best to you, which one sounds the best to invest in I'd love for you to go ahead and give each one of them a shot when you visit Grammarly and pro writing aid through any of the links of daily links, comm, slash Grammarly and daily links comm, slash Perot writing aid.

And speaking of grammar, early I, actually have an in-depth tutorial on how to use the software how to install. It how to run it, the best that you can whether it's free or premium, you can take a look at this very next video, where we do the Grammarly deep dive tutorial, see you there.

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