Henry Quits Being Kid Danger! | Henry Danger

  • 10-Apr-2022

So how long you been thinking about leaving me I'm, not trying to leave you okay, look, I. Don't, even want the neighbor, , what's. This crate doing here. The mayor won't stop calling me.

Okay. So I thought, I, just let him come here and make his case, and then I'd say, no what he never asked again, yeah, okay. Yeah. Well then, uh, let's.

Yours, , I mean, if it's from neighbor built by Balance, locating, never build it's a hero, and it could be you. This doesn't see my name first stuff, you're going to love you very. Own death danger, cave, and you'll never be lonely with your new roommates.

These cheerleaders who care about cheerleaders? Tell you who cares he dangers, new sidekick, such a little mouth. And finally, what would you say to have in your very own statue? Yes, enough, that's, right? You know, maybe you should take the job Henry, who's, Henry, dang. If I think it's him where's that memory wiper squads I, don't want the job. Oh, really because I'm starting to question, your commitment to swell view, my commitment to swell.

Are you kidding me? Well, you don't seem very committed to me, I'm, not graduating from high school, because of how committed I am to this job. Oh, my friends are leaving I'm stuck here and swelled you being a sidekick and saving live exactly I've been too busy saving everyone else's life forgot to have one of my own.

You swore an oath to defend this city when I was 13. So somebody I don't want to do it anymore. Yeah, because you're obviously terrified to be stuck here in swell view with me.

Yeah, ray I. Am. Who's ready, Dave, I think, it's that guy where's that Tibetan battery wipers was I want to be your sidekick for another 30 or 40 or 50 years. But man, that was always a plan. You'd be my sidekick.

And then you take over as Captain man when I retire, I don't want to be kept a man. Okay, I don't ever want to be tapped. Man, I will never ever be captain man, he's, right there. Then why are you even here?

That's a good question? What are you doing quitting? Hey, everyone I'm, Henry, Hart and I used to be good danger.

Oh, And right what I'm taller than you sir can I get a ride home, there's hair there you are young man, honestly, mom, I'm, not in the mood right now. I just got a huge . My boss, okay, it's a little harsh, your father and I were snooping in your room. And we found your letters, what letters you're, not graduating from high school. Oh, those letters. Okay. How are you failing all of your classes?

What have you been doing with your life? I'll? Tell you nothing you want to know, I've been doing my life? Dad, I'll.

Tell you what I've been doing saving this town, that's, right, I'm kid danger. So our sons a liar. Now - I really am danger. Here. I'll prove it to you. Okay.

Look, I know, I don't have my gumballs because they just quit. But if I didn't just quit, so you're, a quitter doubt.

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