How To Enter Bios Setup Lenovo V130-14Kb| Aminokomputer

  • 21-Mar-2022

Hi, assalamu alaikum, warahmatullah, wabarakatuh and good afternoon. See you again with us amino computer. This afternoon, I will give a tutorial How to enter Bios on a Lenovo laptop, v130 insert it on a Lenovo laptop, Hi Lenovo laptop, v130 14kb strip. So info, take this laptop to enter Bios. It can't, We can use the F2 button, We can already use the F2 or snf2 button, but use a special button, yes., Turns out, that's, OK, So we just need to prepare here to enter the Bios, Drum, Drum, Drum or whatever is.

Important, it can be used by intruders, Then try to check the section On. The left, on the left, There is a cellphone with a hole Hi. There is a hole with a picture Hi. Hello like this headset. But the hot sign marked with an arrow rotates because of this, please stab it just once. Nova needs normal startup biocert menu about menu system, rec, very vital to enter Bios, Please select the second BIOS, Setup and enter okay, He has entered videos, So the tutorial on how to enter Bios Lenovo v130 for.

Settings or bios settings to reinstall, please see the video At, the link above, Thank you. Greetings album. Warahmatullah.

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