How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus With Bleach - Toe Fungus Journey

  • 21-Mar-2022

Welcome to toe fungus journey, everyone. This is the first video on our channel, and you're probably happy to hear that. In fact, I'm a real person I'm, not a robot like a lot of these other videos out there. And today, what we're going to show you is two ways to use bleach to treat your toenail fungus and foot fungus, and so let's hop into what you'll need for these two methods.

So all you're gonna need actually for these two methods is a tub like this big enough to fit both feet, a q-tip and some bleach. I got LA's totally awesome bleach. And before we dive into this I, want to go over first precautions and benefits and yeah, and then that's just I think there's a dollar tree bleach I'm, not sure but let's get into the benefits. So the main benefits of using bleach is that it's found in basically to every single home, and you probably don't have to go out and buy anything. And if you do, it's only approximately 50 cents per soak and even cheaper, if you're using like that, Dollar Tree bleach like me and. Lastly, there's, two methods to use it. So you're just not limited to one, and it can treat both foot and nail fungus.

And before we get started I also want to go over some precautions. You should not use this. If you have super sensitive feet like myself, I, did it anyway for demonstration purposes? But yeah, if you have really sensitive feet, you're going to have to W it a lot. So just bear that in mind, so I have my tub of water here. This is warm water. But you know, you could also use cold water I read, but I.

Prefer warm it's just more soothing. And then there is my toe fungus, discussing. Then there it is on my other foot.

So basically what you're going to want to do is put one tablespoon of bleach for one gallon of water that's going to be your ratio should be enough to not, you know, irritate the skin on your feet, and you're going to want to soak your feet for about 10 minutes do this once daily and don't, forget to dry off your feet thoroughly. You don't want the fun gets to come back, because you didn't dry.Then off correctly and also use a white towel. I've been fine with using that haven't had any issues, but just be cautious, because you just soak your feet in Bleach.

So yeah, keep that in mind for the second method here we have a q-tip. And all you need is a lid to your bleach here. All I'm going to do is pour a little of bleach into the cap. So you can dip the q-tip in I barely had any bleach left.

So I, poured it really slow, because you don't want to spill that stuff over yourself, especially you got. Nice clothes or towels something anything about nature. So just dip the q-tip in, and then we're actually going to apply it directly to the nails right onto the fungus, and you're gonna just do that right here. And like I said before don't, be afraid if it turns it white it'll do that if your fungus like all yellow black and nasty like mine. And you actually want to use the other side to dab away, any excess bleach, otherwise, it could dry out your cuticles and dry out the skin around your nails, which is. Really bad, and it can actually be kind of painful if it starts to crack so just do that and let it sit let it dry at least. And then you want to do that probably once a day because the bleach is really powerful.

So you don't want to overdo it here, but you want to just be consistent enough that it's going to kill the bleach and do this. So probably I would say, maybe once a day if you want. So if you guys found this video useful, go ahead and like comment, subscribe below we're, actually going to be releasing. More content weekly pertaining to how to treat toenail fungus, fast, how to get rid of athlete's foot and actually list products that we've personally tried and actually work. And so you know, just give you as much information as possible about this, because you know, nobody really wants to have toenail fungus, you know, in their lives, so we're trying to help people get rid of it.

So go ahead check out our blog. We actually already have a bunch of product reviews written we'll, be releasing those videos. Soon and you know if you like the channel, go ahead, subscribe and thank you for watching.

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