How To Use The Related Keywords Tool - Keyword Atlas

  • 21-Mar-2022

In this video I'm going to show you how to use the related keywords to also be just a little quick video to show what it does and how it works. So what you can do here, all you have to do is just enter in your keywords that you want in here that you want to get related keywords for. So for example, if you put cats, and you click, start it's going to go to all of these search engines and get the related searches from each one of those sources. So you can see it is pumped out 60 related keywords to cats. So. That's how you can do it by just entering your keywords there, of course, you can load in a file another. Another thing you can do actually, is you?

You can append the alphabet letters to your main keyword so boom like that? And then you can go and get related keywords for all of those. So it's, just a little different way of getting additional related keywords, and you'll, just generate a ton of them right? It'll, probably get like a thousand there.

Okay. So that's another way to do it. And you can import if you want, you could also append numbers as well just want to pins to everything. You see the list gets pretty big that's, 300 there so clear that out you can also from your suggested keyword tool. You can also just send them over from here.

So you can right-click. And you can send all related keywords I'll, send all to related keywords. So you do that, and then they're all fourteen of them in there. You probably want to search that meaning that's that's a lot. It takes a long. Long time, let's say, I, just wanted to select these, and I go right, click, send to related the sends selected to related.

And now I can go ahead and do these, of course they can clear out the other data and start again. Now, you'll get more related keywords. And of course, you can get the search engine volume as well, there's another video showing how to do that, so I won't do that again here. And then here you have the options to go ahead and save your data to a project file that can only be opened by this. Tool that related keywords tool, or you can output to comma delimited text, you can also output just the keywords you can also export keywords as well. And of course, you can apply your filters just by clicking here and just searching within the column.

So that's, a basic overview of how to use the related keywords tool, it's, very self-explanatory and very easy to use. But you will get some pretty awesome keyword ideas in here that you probably would never have thought of so definitely use this tool in. Your keyword researches.

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