La Ley Y El Orden Uve-Elliot Y Munch Heridos En Tiroteo En La Corte

  • 21-Mar-2022

Thursday, October, 27 swear to tell the truth only the truth and nothing. But the truth. I swear, tell your name I appeal to the fifth miss Morrison. Her name only invoked my right against self-incrimination as guaranteed by the fifth amendment to the constitution of the USA, miss Novak, the prosecution offers immunity to this witness. We already did it your honor miss Morrison.

I am informed that you have already been offered immunity. You appealed to the fifth. The witness may withdraw your honor your. Honor could request a short recess call the next witness. Miss Novak, the prosecution summons brand only permission to speak approaching problems with this witness Mr Murdoch. I have a lot of issues with the witness your honor first, it would be his accomplice. His testimony must be corroborated.

It would be we have brought physical evidence to corroborate his proof. You mean, the school photo of the trial that he died as I will accept the witness sir dentist. Mr Murdoch I already made my. Decision a bad decision. Mr Murdoch, you are allowing your personal beliefs to be clouded in your legal judgment. You are being held in contempt.

Mr Moore doc. I am just trying to protect the rights of my client. Your honor in this country, neo-Nazis still have them. They have the right to assemble freedom of expression. And for more let this bother you both the right to a fair trial, you will have a chance to present your case call the witness miss Novak. Mr reading.

When you first met, the defendant Bryant. Ackermann a week after I left, and what happened at that meeting, you saw my tattoos. He knew that I came out of rivers.

And he started to bring me like he said that we skinheads only talk that his group is more organized that he has a whole list of targets. And that there was one in which he would be most interested and that the target was the adoptive Rambo of a guard. Rivers white security gave me his home address and his school. He even gave me his school photo racial traitor, tell about it fall. No.

V so to get out of here, we all must sacrifice hard. What fails you I did not shoot federal agent do not shoot today. Cabbage.

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