Let's Play Darksiders: Part 24

  • 21-Mar-2022

Job okay, hey, everybody its gamer OGG. We pushed trains in the last episode. So if you missed it, I recommend, you go to the playlist go to the last episode and watch it because it's its true. She is pushing trains. How can you miss?

Pushing trains? Am I going the right way? I did get the gloves. I. Guess I.

Am. Okay, yeah. You don't want to miss pushing trains. Do you?

The answer is posed. So in the comments, if you want to answer my question, but you probably shouldn't because it's, not a real type of. Question, it's, a question that you don't want to answer what's the word for a question, you don't want to answer because there is no answer. Wow. It escapes me put that in the comments, oh, my god, it's, a female then Fatah same. We can cheat her out of life. I beam really, really cheap all right.

Sorry. Sorry. Thank God.

No push me. Oh, ripped top half right off we're. Just going to punch her. Oh, whoa. It is unless her in target genes and slice I'm waffling on 11 health bar, pretty much right now. That's.

Not. That's, not typically a good thing to be waffle. Luckily, for me, these things are pretty easy to kill, no quite what they do yet because I'm not removing them.

Any roofer I'm going to switch to say, there's, too many enemies around me. Okay, okay. This is bad. This is good. This is ripping a girl in half that can be taken meant in many ways, but we're going to go with the brutal way at the moment, please don't. Take it all the way I hope, you don't think I'm inappropriate. Most of what I say does not have any.

Innuendos and tail, donuts and intertwined in its intermission din it in it to win it. Okay, we're gonna start branching off of stupid sayings and go up these stairs. Oh my god. What do we get? What do we get? What do we get more stairs? Oh gee, I guess I'm getting my exercise give me a health chest, don't move money.

And look at me, I got 3,000 Souls all right we're in the balcony. Nosebleed section. Some nice chairs and sit down take a breather, but Ward was in need a breather because he's war do you. Know what I'm when I'm getting that their FAM? Oh, I just broke that whoops I apologize to whoever it was. Hello. Soda machine.

Died. Oh my god so does fly out of it? Oh, I can pick it up.

Cool, right? There's platform down there. And we got to go down there because, there's, no way in heck I'm making across this.

Oh, it's. Another platform. This is interesting I'm going to go underwater, because everybody knows underwater adventures, all the lists, literally because water is cool to the touch unless it's boiling water.

Then I recommend you don't, touch it because that will sculpt you put a little mark on your hand, saying, ouch, you know, every time you look at it, you'll think, couch, boiling water, it's, not a good thing to be touch, don't, touch. It doesn't touch. It maybe I can target it from musician. Wow, I can la. Li la. La, I'm, such a hacker where am I now.

This is where I'm supposed to go. Whoa, God. He booted at that moon, oh, no. Before we go in there.

I'm going to go on this one. You might be thinking, why? It's an excellent thing. To be thinking, keep thinking because I don't, I honestly don't know, how am I supposed to target this? Oh no, Dan. You'd walk wait a minute. I just have them.

Oh, I can just hang on this side. Go. Oh, I thought that was stairs to something possibly I'm, stupid, maybe I'm just stupid, maybe shut up other self. Your front, dick you're, just a big old deck. Here we go. He can open doors castle to google to open on with the handles is this. Where are we're in the subway?

Still? Flaming punching? No, no I won't. Do that say, Puncher, uh-huh, we're destructive. He can break this answer to my riddle is no I don't really know if that counts as a riddle that's more just a question, I, can't, go back here, oh, my goodness packing, o.

Life, shod, good thing, I'm, hacking, hacking and slashing. But what do you think I've been hacking the game as in cheating? The game as in? What time is it?

How much time is this episode bin? Excellent question, it looks like about ten. I don't know, maybe about ten we'll. See, hello, whoa.

Not cool. Not cool. Hey, you. Know that lifeguard healed up my health was freaking amazing, yes, I'm punching enemies are targeting them it's. Just how crazy I am keep thinking I have a psychic way it's the same button. I, keep trying to do these combos that I can do whatever just don't matter.

What's, the matter, mmm, my matter this doesn't matter to me in her CI I'll, come back for you later, you can't even dash with this. Oh, that doesn't make sense. My legs are obviously not hindered by this at all come on me and come online. It up.

Light it up. Go. Okay. Opens a door.

We have what we have more little, bird bug, dearies. Okay. What is with my chaos bar? Why is it glowing? Oh, it was almost full. Okay. Appreciate the left knowledge, I, appreciate and that wrath bar.

Churches, a really, really freaking slow that thing man, tick, tick, tick, tick, oh boy, better call him was I going to say something had to do with pics clock, I really want to go down there, but maybe I've been down. There is a wall of goo that will allow me to climb that cup. So HKI let's. Just do it Mrs.?

Nothing. This tunnel tempted me into exploring. It gave me nothing return. My exploration curiosity with nothing Wow. There is really it's really nothing down here. No secrets make me sad panda so who I am right now I'm sad panda reign is this then everything is an engine to me, I, don't, it's, a health chest, all right, I'll, get it I'll bike?

Well, hello there platform out of my reach quite frankly, who's, frankly, wouldn't, you like to know saw that coming all right? What do we get? We have a way this passage underwater passage to a mysterious mechanism of the mechanical means. Okay, oh.

Hello. Yeah. It's been a while, since we've done some of this warm, good what's me, miss me.

What was that? Would it be it's that darn cat? It was the cart Oh. What how did I miss this? Oh, I guess I thought it was blast. Oh, God, oblivious.

Apparently gears can turn with a huge amount of pantyhose wedged into I can't. These things be easier to kill like bats. You know, I can just jump at a bat and. Good for you, these are gotta wait for them to like me. I have an opening your side ripping all the middle does apart because they are fixed three hits otherwise my pain in the tux, no dear ready? Ready?

Ready? Alright. I'll get this chest. Voice souls in it. Take this mom like this toss it over there, like is this no what?

Oh my goodness, oh, my gracious. The little bug got in the way you see that how long is this episode bin or is it the same one that asked that same question? It is this has been an. Extremely long it's and I apologize. However, yeah. So we'll.

Stop this episode here with me taking care of these green bugs. And yes, I will see you I won't actually, see you I will prepare a video for you to watch on the YouTube with my commentary for you to listen to next time. So I, see you whatever.

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