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  • 21-Mar-2022

As the rays and the marlins square off the rays, seven games up in the American league east over the Boston, Red Sox, the raids magic number stands at two tonight for the Tampa Bay devil rays, it will be Shane mcclanahan making his 24th. Start of the season looking for that 10th. Win he's had an outstanding rookie campaign 115 in the third innings, 135 strikeouts. And that e.r.a had just over three and a half 49 runs batted in a ground ball, that's, a diving stop all will skip it in they got him. Nice play.

Over there by Brandon, wow on the stop. And then on that throw to first to skip it in to joy to get schism and ready to go. The 3-2 pitch runners, go swinging a ground ball towards short diving.

Stop Wendell has to get up and hurry. His throw is just in time at first base to retire the side, a couple of real pleasant defensive plays for the rays as they flash the leather on a couple of occasions and deny the marlins here in the top of the first they leave a couple of base runners, 30-second start of the. Season for sandy Alcatraz that matches his career high from 2019. Meadows rolls one to first and Leigh Diaz is there steps on the bag and sandy is through one and Eddie Alvarez gets to it spins and makes the play all right. Good defense on both sides tonight, strikeout for Alcntara.

His first of the game that one on eight pitches going to be the top of the order for the marlins here in the top of the third we're scoreless in Saint Petersburg ground out to third is first time up. And this one is hit. Well and deep out to left field and that's gone a home run for Miguel Rojas, just enough to clear the wall to left field and get the marlins on the board.

One, nothing, yeah. The marlins get their first lead in Tampa Bay leaning on Ziggy row to get it done there's, a cut miss right there on the slider swinging again to miss on that fastball up. He got him to chase 98.

There, the 23rd pitch of the night, the 02 swing and a miss he's got his second strikeout, he's, either catching running around the bases or. Well, that's it that's that's, all it would be. Yeah, maybe makes a strikeout in here. Two balls two strikes. Here comes got him swinging on a high fast ball.

He strikes out his third, batter, Alvarez, retired, two-hour runner at second leaves it for sandy Leon, tapper down to third Diaz gloves and throws and joy keeps that foot on the back to retire the side with a man left, getting closer to 200 strikeouts. That's. Number four center field that ball is going to be in there.

Extra bases bounding to the wall. Meadows on his way to second he's going to dig for three he's going to make it. He is safe for third base. Third, triple of the year for meadows. Wendell can pull the baseball here, very likely and a base hit just to the right of Alvarez up the left-field line, grazer tied.

Its meadows has scored Wendell in its second with a stand-up double. I'm kind of surprised that you would concede that run and play that if you just give it to the raise now here, oh joey Wendell ends up taking a mistake breaking. Ball and shooting it by Alvarez for a double to left field, 2-2 pitches, swinging a miss he's able to strike out wirehair to get out of this hitting let's punch out number five for sandy. Next pitchers are swinging a grounder right side off the glove of the second baseman schism and into center field for what might be a base hit could also be an e4 that's, a play that probably needed to be made a lead off base runners with speed. Now, mike panino at the plate, he drives it into deep right center.

Well, Tagged and that ball is gone. Mike casino gives the raise the lead with his 32nd home run of the year. What a year he is having 32 home runs up the middle LAU can't, get a handle on it and Sanchez beats it out Lewis, grin son ground ball base. It up the middle. Now they made a bid for a hit back in the first inning, but Wendell made a great play on him and uh, blue is staying up the middle there hitting another one sharply and Arnold's had the tying runs aboard in the sixth ground ball through for a base.

Hit here comes Sanchez and a late red light for trey Hillman when the marlins have the base is loaded in one out Alvarez to the right side, Lao gets the out at second that's all they'll get now run comes in to score it's a one-run game once again, Brandon LAU flashing. The leather over at second base. Runner, breaks a swing and a miss that takes care of Leon he's out on strikes Miami, settles for one ray's lead 3-2, that's, a tapper up. The third base side fair Alvarez got to it lost it recovers. And the.

Throat is second that ball is going to go into right field, but backed up by Sanchez and Wendell stays at second base. And now here's, johnny Diaz, trying to get that raised run back there's, a base hit into center that will get Wendell home and the raise again lead by two. So Andy, Diaz, RBI number 61. And this is into right, and it's going to one-hop the wall jazz will cruise into second with a double. You know, this is a slider and jazz is right on it maybe out in front just a little, but kept it.

Fair here's, Brian de la, Cruz, two for three tonight that is a base hit. Another three hit day. Jazz rounding third here's, the throw it's late jazz tumbles in with the third run. All right the breaking ball stays up de la. Cruz, right on it. Rips it into left ground ball, that's going to chop through the right side. Diaz.

The only man over there and there's a base hit I'll tell you he's hitting home runs and hitting the ball. The other way now got a lead off single here in the seventh inning and up steps. Brandon loud into right center field in there for extra bases a couple of hops to the bottom of the wall, Lenin's going to be waved around third.

Here comes the throw, and he is safe double for LAU. And the raids tack on another run again, up by two a called strike, three for objecting to the call third strike, many Gonzalez, ejected him. And just moments later with don mat tingly coming out mat tingly didn't, like the idea that Alvarez had been ejected and Gonzalez ejected mat tingly and there's, a liner into. Right caught out there by Sanchez runner will score from third as Diaz crosses the plate and threat advances second to third and the rays now, make it 6-3. And now with two out here, Brandon loud, wow, fair ball, up, the left-field eye that will get carmaker in extra bases in the second base.

Brandon LAU with his third, double of the night drives in his second run, and it's 7-3. The one thing they have never done is clinch the American league east at home, and they're about to do it in front of a sold-. Out crowd on a Saturday night with two outs, the marlins have loaded, the bases fair makes ready to go to pitch.

And he goes to the fastball gets the pop-up joy under it. And the rays are the chance in the American league east, the rays have gone back to back as Ali's division champs. They are once again, the beast of the east as they are your American. The yeast 2021 champions. You.

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